Testimonials Form Our Clients

       Testimonials From Our Clients


Larry C.

"When I decided late last year not to move to Panama, I tried for two months to sell my apartment via an ad on Craigslist. I priced the apartment well. It was an oceanfront apartment in Costa del Este due to be available for occupancy in a few months. I had no difficulty attracting offers. But one after the other, the agents either represented buyers who were working on trying to test the absolute minimum price I would accept or they were playing games, trying to get the house wrapped up in negotiations until they could find an actual client. Romulo Borrero was the agent for a buyer. However, he was the first agent who recognized that the apartment was priced to sell and urged his client to accept the offer. After the usual exchange of information about the apartment and the contractual rights I had as the promissory buyer, we were able to close the deal in a matter of ten days. I flew down to Panama. He picked me up at the airport. This is a somewhat rare story of both the buyer and the seller getting what they wanted. For me, it was a quick sale at a reasonable price. For the buyer, it was a quick purchase at a reasonable price. I fully credit Romulo Borrero for his honesty, his knowledge of the market in Panama, and his ability to get things done for his client while treating the other party fairly."