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Lot for sale in Villalobos Pedregal


In the center of America’s, Panama develops a maritime-logistic strategy to be a power in Latin America and the Caribbean. For this reason, companies from Swiss, China, the Philippines, and Denmark install the regional headquarter in our country.

Investment Opportunities

In the meantime, real estate investors search business opportunities related to the potential property market. Also, corporations and developers search lots and lands, with logistic potential, near roads, highways including The Panama Canal Riviera.

One of the markets is lots and lands at both sides of El Corredor de Los Pobres. El Corredor de Los Pobres connect Transistmica in Gonzalillo, Las Cumbres, with the Avenue Jose Domingo Arias, Pedregal. The Avenue Jose Domingo Arias, recognized as Tocumen Street goes directly to The Tocumen International Airport.

El Corredor de Los Pobres

El Corredor de Los Pobres is the link of three ways, Pedregal – Gonzalillo – Transístmica, in the middle Gonzalillo Street. The reason for the logistic importance is because link the ports at the oceans Pacific and Atlantic with Tocumen Airport. At the present time, only two highways have this possibility, El Corredor de Los Pobres, another Panama-Colon with Corredor Norte highways

Lot Description

In front of the principal way of Villalobos is located the lot for sale in Villalobos Pedregal. The lot is a square with a size of 11302 Sq. M2. The zoning nomenclature of the lot is RE and for this reason, has the flexibility for the construction of different kind of structures.

The location offers main services like drinking water from the national aqueduct, IDAAN. Also, electricity, asphalt road, telephone, street lighting, and access to Internet services. A Puma gas station is in front of the lot for sale in Villalobos.

At the present time, the lot for sale in Villabos is the most compelling evidence to analyze.

  • Dirección: Calle Villalobos Pedregal
  • Ciudad: Panamá
  • Estado / Condado: Panamá
  • Barrio: villalobos
  • País: Panamá


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