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Who We Are:

Panama Real Estate Brokers team provide since 2006 to all the parts involved in a Panama properties transaction a fair dealing. First of all, We give you tips, on residential or commercial inquiries on topics like taxes, investment opportunities, and important information before you make a decision.

Inside our services, we provide real estate information as such property taxes, due diligence, maintenance fees, investments opportunities, and other important points. As a result, you will help your self when you decide to make the right property investment, at the moment that you make the decision to invest in Panama!

Reasons to invest in Panama real estate

Immigration Advantages

To obtain permanent residence, our country offers numerous advantages such as:

For the reason that Panama has one of the best laws for retirees and pensioners in Latin America see the advantages of living in our country.

Through Law 6 of June 16 of the year 1987, measures are enacted for the benefit of retirees and pensioners of the third and fourth age among which there are significant discounts on medicines, restaurants, and many others services included in the law.

Investing in property the amount of 300,000 or more, free of liens.

The foreigner who invests the amount of United States Dollars US$300,000.00 or more buying a property, free of encumbrances, whose funds come from abroad, could apply for a resident visa for 2 years and, at the end of the term, opt for permanent residence. In case of dependents, attach the sum of US $ 2,000 using a local bank reference.

Commercial advantages:

Forest Investor

The foreigner who is a personal capacity has invested US $ 80,000 or more in reforestation projects authorized by the ANAM with a minimum of 5 hectares of investment, may apply for the residence permit and, after 2 years opt for permanent residence as an investor.

Investing in Pacifico Special Area and, private export zones.

The Investor that can prove to have invested an amount equal to or greater than United State Dollars UDS$ 250,000 as a developer, or be developing in an export processing zone, or in a company installed in it will have the option to apply for a permanent residence permit.

An Investor in a call center

The “Call Centers” installation had numerous incentives and competitive, fiscal, labor and migratory benefits in our country. There are many companies dedicated to this area that have decided to settle in our country.

Investments in Tourism and Commercial Property for Tourism Development

Law 80 of 2012 encourages investments in our country of cruise ports, congresses, and events, offering attractive tax incentives, such as the following:

• 10 years tax exemption for properties and tourist companies within the district of Panama.
• 15 years exemption from property taxes and improvements made to registered tourism companies outside the district of Panama• 20 years tax exemption for goods importation.• 20 years tax exemption from the Panama property tax for hotels that had invested a minimum of US $ 50,000

Film and Visual Industry Investor

Through Law 16 of April 27, 2012, a series of benefits and incentives were created to encourage companies to invest in the film and, audiovisual industry.

Incentives to Establishment Multinationals Headquarters

Law No. 41 of August 24, 2007, provides numerous incentives for the establishment of multinational companies that decide to establish their regional headquarters in Panama. This law also provides benefits for its employees. There are more than 600 companies such as Phillips, Maersk, DHL, Dell, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi Aventis, Huawei, Nestle, Daewood have settled in Panama benefiting from the legal framework of Law 45.

Competitive advantages in multimodal Logistics

The Panama Canal moves 8% of world trade. The Canal connects 144 maritime routes with reach to 1,700 ports in 160 countries.

Panama is the Air Hub of Latin America.

Due to its strategic location, important companies have established their headquarters in Panama as Copa Continental. They are around more than 2,000 weekly flights departing from our country to more than 90 destinations and it is considered the country with the best connectivity between the countries of the area.

With the expansion of the new International Airport Terminal (T2), the Tocumen International Airport (PTY) will have a total area of 116 thousand m2 distributed in four stories, giving to the user’s comfort and displacement facilities.

The new terminal was developed by the well-known British company Foster and Partners that combined integrated and sustainable architectural solutions. The structure is earthquake resistant and high technology special systems have been incorporated.

Once in operation, both terminals will be adding a total of 66 boarding points including the remote terminals.

It’s expected that in the year 2025, 25 million of passengers will be mobilized annually between both terminals.

Railway and road infrastructure

The railway infrastructure stands out for being the only country that joins two of the world’s main oceans through a railroad, by connecting its ports by a road, less than 80 kilometers longs. It’s roads, in good conditions, favor the movement away cargo and passengers to airports ports in a short time.

It’s estimated that public investment in our country between 2015 and 2025 will be more than United States Dollars USD$ 22,650,000,000

Is it the best moment to invest in a commercial or residential property in Panama? Yes, it is, because at this moment the property stock is high and many developers and investors are offering great offers if you are a decided buyer.

The third line of the Metro will be auctioned soon. At the end of the last year, October 2017, began the construction of the cruise port in Amador. This construction will be completed in 2019 and, the numbers of new tourist who will have the possibility to visit Panama would be more than 600,000 per year. 

Also, the third bridge over the Canal of Panama has 71% advances in the construction and, four groups submitted their offers, for the construction of the fourth bridge over the canal. Likewise, numerous feasibility studies are carried out, including the railroad construction from the Panama City to David. The possibility of the railroad construction from Panama City to David, will contribute to the economic development of the country and boost tourism and the economy.

Take advantages of this moment! Invest now in Panama! Our country will be continually growing as doing during the last 10 years ago!

About us

First of all our services are nationwide, but we specialize in some Panama City areas such as Costa del Este, Santa Maria, and Balboa Avenue properties for sale or rent with amazing ocean views.

Our listings include apartments or homes for sale in San Francisco, Clayton and, Albrook. Also, we have properties in Panama Pacifico special zone in Arraijan. Ask us about the estates in the tropical paradise oceanfront for sale: Colon.

If you are looking for properties close to Panama City, less than one hour, think right and see great investments opportunities in San Carlos District such as Coronado, Casamar, Gorgona and, Fontanella del Mar. Don’t forget Pedasí beachfront properties and, Las Tablas the cradle of its famous carnivals in Azuero.

If you prefer the tropical Panamanian Caribbean beachfront, invest in Bocas del Toro! You will enjoy his exuberant fauna and flora.

Throughout these years many families and investors have benefited in the buy-sell transactions with the fair dealing we provide. We have established with them solid and family business relationship that lasts over the years.

Invest in the Panama real estate market now! Never was better than today!