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Panama real estate

Panama real estate brokers team thank you for your visit to our website. Furthermore, see our real estate listings. Of course, you will see homes, apartments, land, and Panama commercial properties.

Besides, after reading the next paragraphs, first, we hope you visit our nation. And why not! Also, find reasons to invest in real estate in Panama. Together with you, we will explore the amazing real estate market in Panama!

Learn about our fair dealing in real estate

Panama real estate agents provide fair dealing for the parts involved with Panama estate investment since 2006. For example, provide buyer or seller tips and information over real estate affairs.

In other words, we talk about issues, such as property taxes, mortgage advice, maintenance fees, also investments news. For this reason, working with us, feel free do it a Panama real estate.

Reasons for invest in Panama estate

Immigration Advantages

In a word, Panama, compared with other places, gives numerous advantages to be retired. As an illustration, we have one of the best laws for retirees and pensioners in the Latin region.

As a result of Law 6 of June 16 of the year 1987, pensioners and retirees receive many benefits. Therefore, as an example of the benefits of this law, drugs, restaurants, and other services have significant discounts.

Invest in a estate since 300,000 free of liens! And, too, could apply for a resident permit.

For example, which invests in a Panama property since $300,000.00 United States Dollars could apply visa resident for two years. Then, to ask for the resident permission needs to comply with some conditions:

  • In the first place, the property must be free of encumbrances. Also, the funds must become from abroad.  After that, the foreigner can opt for permanent residence.
  • Besides, if the investor has dependents, too, needs to attach the sum of USD$2,000 for each one. However, you need to use a local bank point often overlooked.

Commercial Advantages investing in real estate:

Indeed, reasons for invest in a property as a Forest Investor

Thus, who has a personal capacity for invested US$ 80,000 as forest investor, may apply for the resident permit. However, is must remember that the project reforestation must have authorized by the Anam. In conclusion, the minimum project to applying for a visa authorization is 5 hectares.

In other words, why the Incentives to Establishment Multinationals Headquarters increased the demand for Panama commercial and residential properties

First of all, Law No. 41 of August 24, 2007, provides numerous reasons for the establishment of multinational companies at Panama.

In this case, corporations may apply to these incentives and benefits are after they establish their regional headquarters at Panama. Also, the law provides benefits for its employees.

After this law, more than 600 companies decided to establish his Latin America headquarters in Panama. For this reason, corporations such as Phillips, Maersk, DHL, Dell, P&G, Sanofi, Nestle chose Panama for his offices.

Finally, Law No. 57 of October 24, 2018, reformed Law No. 41 of 2007. Additionally, the most important is the reform gives additional incentives for the Special Regime of Multinational (SEM) in Panama.

Competitive Advantages of our Nation to invest at Panama realty for Multimodal Logistics

At present, The Panama Canal moves 8% of the maritime world trade. Consequently, The Route connects 144 marine routes with 1,700 ports in 160 countries. For this reason, Panama continues intensifying the strategies to become in a real multimodal potency.

By the way, invest in lands that connect the ports with the airport. As an illustration, streets like “El Corredor de Los Pobres”  Corredor Norte, and Corredor Sur have investment and development opportunities. Also, consider lots on both sides Panama-Colon highway.

The new Air Hub of Latin America located in our country generates in the realty market new business options.

Due to its strategic location, many companies such as Copa Continental have established their headquarters at Panama.

In other words, taking advantage from Panama location, Copa added more than 2,000 weekly flights departure to 90 destinations.

As a result of a national strategy, Panama is considered the country with the best connectivity in Latin America.

International Airport Terminal Expansion

For the reason of the Tocumen Airport Terminal expansion (T2), Airport (PTY) has 116,000 SqM2. Equally, the whole airport area is four stories. Therefore, these new installations will offer to the user’s comfort and displacement facilities.

Meanwhile, buy land inside the airport! So apply with the law 8 of April 1992 for a private free zone. After developing inside the airport a Panama real estate project, you can rent depot, warehouses. Also, commercial estates.

Advantages of Panama estate as a tourist destination

Indeed, in a short time, Panama will become one of the leading destinations tourist destinations in the region. At the end of October 2017, began the construction of the cruise port in Amador.

Finally, Amador port construction will be finish in October 2019. As a result, the new tourist number who will have the probability to visit Panama will be more than 600,000 yearly.

Up to the present time, see the impact of Panama real estate on national infrastructure development.

New roads open new values to properties.

Until now using Corredor Norte and Panama Colon Highway connect the ports located in both oceans than less 80 kilometers distance in an hour. Why? For the reason that Panama makes correct streets maintenance, it’s easy to transfer cargo and passengers’ in a short time.

However, is it the best moment to invest in a commercial or residential real estate in Panama? First, at this moment, the properties stock is high. In other words, many developers and investors are offering great deals if you are a decided buyer.


Above all, railway infrastructure stands out for being the country that joins two world’s biggest oceans by railroad. Also, a third bridge over the Panama Canal was delivery to the nation in the past days.

Panama realty has excellent investment possibilities at this moment because our economy continues growing more than 4% yearly.

What is happening with real estate and Metro lines

Up to the present time, Panama was the first Central America nation that builds a Metro line in the country. Likewise, it’s essential to consider that this line started operation in Panama City since 2014.

As a result of the success obtained, Panamanian’s government continued the construction of the second Metro line. Second Metro line began operation on April 2019.

As a result, Metro second line started from San Miguelito until Felipillo and began operation since April 2019. After that, the demands for property investment for buy or rent properties beside Metro line increased.

Invest in Panama realty with us

Firstly, our real estate services are nationwide, but in particular focus in some Panama City areas.  For this reason, many families and investors have benefited from our fair dealing when working with us.

See our Panama real estate listings.

Finally, we offered them a fair dealing to all our client establishing a business relationship that lasts over the years. To summarize, invest in our country! See our Panama City property listings now! The market never was better here than today!