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Art Deco Apartment for sale at Casco Antiguo Panama City, Panama

Art Deco Apartment for sale at Casco Antiguo Panama City, Panama

Art Deco Apartment for Sale at Casco Antiguo Panama

Art Deco Location

The Art Deco apartment location for sale is at what was the new city of Panama in 1673.

Known as the Casco Antiguo, the new city of Panama moved its location to the current one looking for a safer place. The city of Seville inspired its construction. Hence its design and planning.

For this reason, the name of its avenues as Avenues A, where is Art Deco, Avenue B, etc.

Panama history short resume

The city of Panama, at that time, had a strategic system of tunnels and defense. The latter is known as the promenade walk of Las Bovedas, and Plaza de Francia. On the top of one building overlooking the sea, is represented the crown of the Queen of Spain.

In Old Town, numerous structures tell the history of Panama. Full of Masonic symbology, they say step by step the history of Panama and Latin America.

There, “El Libertador” Simon Bolivar, chose Panama City for the organization of the famous Anfictionic congress in 1826. A replica of the sword of “El Libertador” is inside a building at the front of Plaza Bolivar. Now the Ministry of Exterior Relations.

Subsequently, thanks to the discovery of the gold mines of California, Panama experiment with a new boom, and also it’s capital. Treasure seekers and new life opportunities discover that the passage through the isthmus is the fastest route to go from one ocean to another.

For this reason, a French visionary, Count Ferdinand de Lesseps, undertakes the construction of the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal company, or Lesseps Company, locates its headquarters in what is currently known as the Central Hotel.

Art Deco Building

The Art Deco building is located one block from the Cathedral Square and the Central Hotel. Also, three blocks from the Paseo de Las Bovedas and the French embassy in Panama.

With the arrival of the construction of the Panama Canal, Panama City takes a new turn in its development. For this reason, in its buildings, French style and influence are felt throughout the Old Town of Panama City.

In the same way, we can distinguish the American influence in the Old Town, along with several buildings on Central Avenue. Especially the Art Deco style until the 5th of May square.

With the arrival of the United States of America to continue and complete the Panama Canal construction, Panama City takes a new turn. A sanitary system is built and provided drinking water and electricity to Panama City.

Besides, Americans proceed to a severe and rigorous fumigation process. The yellow fever was eliminated, and start the sanitation of Panama City and its surroundings. For this reason, during the construction of the Panama Canal, yellow fever caused thousands of deaths during the Panama Canal construction.

Banks such as the First National City Bank built its facilities on the first streets of Panama City. For example, the event hall of the American Trade Hotel was the headquarters of the First National City Bank.

Through the buildings of the Old Town, told the history of the country. for this reason, we understand the importance of the geographical location of Panama.

Apartment description at Casco Viejo

At the time, the PH Art Deco was one of the most innovative buildings in Panama City. For this reason, it is one of the few that have an elevator in the Old Town.

The apartment for sale is located alone on the last floor of the PH Art Deco. They are 145 m2 very well distributed. Fully renovated inside, with solid wood floor and doors, retains its essence and design, Art Deco.

Its open kitchen makes it easy for residents to share with their guests. It also has high-quality appliances. It also has a laundry area and a service bathroom.

The bedroom is extensive. Its dimensions are higher than usual in the Old Town. Around 35m2 has a private bathroom with two washbasins and a tub. It is also a walking closet and an office space.

Also, the room has access to an open terrace where we can see the Central Hotel — sharing with your guests on the terrace is how to get to a Quartier in Paris and have a view of a French neighborhood.



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