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How to Get a Panama real estate Mortgage

To get a mortgage in Panama is very easy if you know how to do it. The preparation prior to signing the contract of sale of a property is very important and if you handle the appropriate information it is very likely that you will succeed.

Banks around the world operate under very similar parameters, and the first thing they want to know who and who will be his client and how is going to be him, after receiving the loan. Hence the importance of providing sufficient financial and personal information to facilitate the decision-making.

In general, terms, if you are able to supply the necessary information to answer this questions, you have good possibilities to get the loan because this is a large part of the documentation that must be supplied.

Questions that you need to answer during the interview with the bank’s official.

Experience in handling credits and obligations

Responsibility for the payment of their commitments

Source and amount of income

Years of exercising the activity or work

Work or professional continuity

Stability of income

Existing credit obligations at the time of applying for a mortgage loan.

Has property appraised

Who is the appraiser company?

Are you insurable?

It is your insurable property

Indebtedness capacity

Education and profession

Moral hazard


Basically if one can answer these questions it is very likely that a local bank is willing to evaluate a mortgage loan application.

We invite you to consult with your broker of real estate, he should be able to help you answer these questions and recommend you, which is the most suitable bank to make the application for mortgage credit.

If you wish, we can advise you without any kind of commitment before any step that involves the signing of a buy-sale contract of the property and the disbursement of the down payment of the property reserve.